World Hand Hygiene Day- 2017 celebration

In this current world, the importance of maintaining hand hygiene is needless to explain to any educated and civilised society. However, there are still some parts of India where the level of awareness regarding basic hygiene is not very impressive. Keeping this point in mind Venkateshwar Hospital celebrated World Hand Hygiene Day on 5th May 2017.

“Save Lives, Clean Your Hands”

Being the best hospital in Delhi, VH strives to spread awareness about the importance of washing and cleaning hands before meals.

We all know the fact that a major amount of diseases enter your body through our hands and foods. Our hands are one of the dirtiest parts of our body that have a direct connection with various things. Every day we touch different types of objects that are unhygienic and dirty. If we don’t wash and clean our hands after touching those objects, then germs can easily enter inside our body through foods and drinks. There are some vital points that everybody must keep in mind regarding the significance of maintaining the hygiene of our hands.

  • Never touch your foods without washing your hands.
  • Never touch the private parts of your body without cleaning your hands.
  • You should not touch babies and infants without washing your hands.
  • Never forget to clean your hands after eating foods with hands.
  • Use the best quality hand soap to clean the hands in a regular manner.
  • Use good quality hand sanitizer to clean your hands in case you do not have water and soap.
  • Use the sanitizer to touch or hold small babies even if you use hand soap.

Educate Your Children

According to the renowned Child specialist in Delhi, children are more prone to diseases and infections caused by the use of dirty and unhygienic hands. They tend to put their hands and fingers inside their mouth frequently which is very dangerous. You must make the children at you home aware of the bad effects of this practice. Ask them to use hand wash to clean their hands before and after meals.

A Thoughtful Event

As a responsible organisation, we at Venkateshwar Hospital always try to organise events that can help to spread awareness regarding general health among the general people. This time also they are going to celebrate this event as a part of their various awareness programs and health care activities. The hospital always tries to make it easier for common people to lead a healthy and fit life through various awareness programs and health camps. In 2017, we tried to spread awareness about maintaining the hygiene of your hands throughout the day.

It was a highly thoughtful event where some of the top doctors attended and gave a speech on Hand Hygiene. They discussed why, when and how you should clean hands and what the benefits of this practice are.

We invited all to celebrate the World Hand Hygiene Day on 5th May 2017 in the hospital. For detail inquiry, you can visit our website or call our support desk.

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