How Effective is IVF in Case of PCOS?

IVF treatment-hospitals Venkateshwar-HospitalThough there are many impacting factors that can lead to problems infertility, however with the advancement in technology we have various options available. One such popular option that is highly used in the recent era is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). While Polycystic ovary syndrome commonly referred to as PCOS contributes to infertility for about ten percent, but infertility caused due to male partner is majorly found and the fact that nowadays it is curable has made couples lives so much better.   Pregnancy in case of PCOS can be a better outcome. Women suffering from PCOS can surely go through the IVF procedure for getting pregnant as highlighted by best IVF treatment hospitals in Delhi.

While 15-20 percent of women suffer from PCOS or endometriosis, it is true that there may be complications in getting pregnant due to irregular period cycle which means eggs are not released and hence natural fertilization of eggs can be difficult may be due to overproduction of eggs or due to o ovulation. In such a scenario, IVF is the overproduction eggs are fertilized in the laboratory setting and then placed back as an embryo in the womb or uterus. In cases of overproduction, egg performs is often compromised. But once the embryo is placed in the womb, most of the women’s deliver healthy babies. Although PCOS may seem an obstacle to pregnancy due to cysts in ovaries perhaps IVF treatment specialists in Dwarka remarked that it actually helps in the release of the egg.

Infertility specialist who performs IVF treatment in Delhi exerted that pregnancy in case of PCOS suffers can immensely help them as it can suppress the cramps that occur while releasing eggs. Moreover, the pregnancy can help in subsequent fading other symptoms of PCOS like- felt hairs on the head, acne and excessive hair growth at other areas which otherwise would have been grave.

In the case of women who are suffering from PCOS and have higher rates of AMH can have difficulties in conceiving. Though there are measures to retain better results. The prime cause of PCOS is that someone in the family may have diabetes or insulin resistance. The abnormal weight gain and irregular menstrual cycles result in the production of cysts.

The good news with people opting for IVF for the conception of a baby is that eggs can be fertilized in an artificial setting and hence,  natural fertilization is not required which makes the pregnancy easier.

Though, doctors conducting IVF treatment in Delhi recommends that the following things should be taken care of in advance of undergoing IVF treatment:-

  1. Reducing stress levels: Managing stress is important to step as stress won’t help gets Reducing stress may lead to less hormonal complications.
  2. Counseling: It is a better and feasible option as counseling can enhance your relationship and can help you better in dealing with stress as well as will provide you emotional stability.
  3. Reducing your weight: It is a major factor as it can reduce the size of the cyst and ovary size. Moreover, reducing your weight can help you get pregnant naturally.
  4. Follow a low carbohydrate diet: Before planning a baby, it is advised to fallow a low carb diet as it can help reducing insulin resistance vital: Following an exercise regime of even 30 minutes can lower down your insulin resistance and can help in overall body maintenance.
  5. Surgery: A research shows that PCOS patients show better results if laparoscopic surgery is done as it can eliminate the production of testosterone and help in resizing the ovary. Prior to the surgery, a doctor will make sure that ovulation, menstruation and egg quality are at defined levels, to achieve better results.

Thus all these factors

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