Does Stress Affect IVF Success?

IVF treatment is both emotionally and financially challenging. Feeling helpless because of infertility, the couple finds themselves under more intense stress when faced with the unknowns of IVF treatment.

It is a fact that stress and psychological state are quite effective on the woman’s menstrual cycle and physiological/hormonal balance. It is known that Eskimo women living in the North Pole lay their eggs and their periods from time to time in the long and dark winter months.

Many infertilities, which are thought to be inexplicable, can actually be explained by doing various tests today and consulting the best IVF specialist in India. For example, some cases are due to endometriosis that cannot be diagnosed because it is at an early stage (this can be diagnosed by laparoscopy), while others may be caused by mild hormonal impairment or immunological implantation problem.

In vitro fertilization is the right choice of treatment, especially if the woman is over 35 years old and does not respond to other treatments, despite the researches.

Young women with severe emotional trauma may experience problems such as irregular ovulation, irregular menstruation, and amenorrhea in the line (no menstruation). In the studies carried out, it is seen that the chickens kept in a constantly lighted environment lay more eggs and produce more eggs.

Given these facts, one should not forget that stress is one of the biggest enemies of women trying to get pregnant spontaneously (naturally).

However, the situation changes when it comes to IVF treatment and ovarian stimulation. Due to the drugs given in IVF treatment, the central regulatory mechanism of the woman is now in a kind of ‘automatic pilot’. Therefore, the effect of stress on the success of the treatment is almost nonexistent. A complete tube baby to live a stress-free experience but unfortunately unlikely to stress to patients asking this situation may adversely affect the results would not be able to tell an important factor.

IVF treatment is an emotionally and financially challenging process for a couple. The couple struggling with infertility and therefore feeling powerless and uncontrolled for this reason find themselves even more intense when faced with the unknowns of the IVF treatment.

It is very important to ensure that the couple is informed correctly and comprehensively by the best IVF specialist in India and the IVF team at every stage of the treatment and that the participation in the decisions to be taken is easy to overcome this process. In addition to being knowledgeable, nurses who will be accompanied during the double IVF process, have the skills of empathy and healthy communication.

Despite all these, patients who have emotional difficulties getting through this process should not hesitate to get psychological support.

One of the most stressful issues for IVF patients is what they should or should not do during treatment. “Don’t take a hot bath!” ‘Patients who receive such warnings are convinced that even a minor error may affect the outcome of the treatment.

This situation causes great fear and guilt. However, this is extremely unnecessary because there is no evidence that anyone of them has such a large effect that it would change the outcome of IVF treatment alone.

The fact that the couples have the right information about IVF treatment will also prevent them from wearing out their relationships and their thoughts as ‘I was under stress, it was because of it’, ‘I wish I had a healthier diet, maybe it would have been’.

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