Great Achievement for Venkateshwar Hospital – Medical Tourism Excellence Award

Great Achievement for Venkateshwar Hospital – Medical Tourism in India - Venakteshwar Hospital

The role of Venkateshwar Hospital in providing superior Healthcare tourism in India does not need any more explanation or introduction. This is considered as one of the most trusted healthcare providing organization, and had also received one esteem recognition from Medical Tourism Development Authority. The hospital received Medical tourism conclave and awards 2017 on 15th April 2017 in New Delhi. The award function was held in Hotel Shangri La.

What Is Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a term that is used to categorize the tours people have to make to gain medical treatment and facilities from an individual hospital in a certain country. Often citizens of developing countries travel to the developed countries to avail specialized healthcare and critical care for various medical issues.

Recently it has seen that medical tourism can be one of the robust sections of travel and tourism industry of certain countries. In countries like India, it can affect the economy strongly. This is the reason the Tourism Development Department of India tries to promote this section with all their efforts. They wish to offer support and recognition to the organizations that are playing a crucial role in promoting this industry in the whole world.

As a part of this initiation, the Medical Tourism Development Authority selected Venkateshwar Hospital for this award in 2017.

Why Venkateshwar Hospital

Venkateshwar Hospital is one of the leading healthcare service providing organizations that offer superior solutions to diverse medical conditions. This is a leading multi super-facility hospital that has some of the top medical experts in this country and offers their service in all the medical departments. People from all across the country come to this hospital to get the service.

Apart from the local patients, the hospital welcomes the patients from all around the world. They have state of the art technologies that help the skilled and experienced doctors to offer the best diagnosis to the patients. The advanced medical instruments and techniques offer complete support to various medical professionals to perform their jobs with complete efficiency and honesty. This is the reason people who come from other cities and countries to this hospital to obtain good treatment always return their home with satisfaction and happiness.

Recognition Of Honest Effort

These kinds of awards always encourage the team, and they try to perform better in future. This award is a recognition of their honest effort and hard work that boost the medical tourism industry of India.

After this, the best doctors in India, medical staffs, and other executives of the Hospital will try to make their services even better so that the patients can get faster medical solutions.

The hospital also takes care of the family members of the patients and tries to give them a comfortable ambiance inside the hospital where they can wait during the visiting hours or other times of the day. Recently the hospital declared that their OPD section would remain open on Sundays too so that more patients can get the chance to visit the medical consultants at their convenience.

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