Ingenia from Philips, 3 Tesla MRI

  • Premium speed with ds SENSE
  • Multi transmit 4D parallel RF transmission
  • MR based TPS for oncology (first launch in Asia)

CT Scan 
Brilliant iCT from Philips

  • 256 slice CT
  • Lower dose with higher image quality
  • Low Noise at low energy

Discovery IQ from WIPRO GE

  • Excellent image quality
  • Offer highest sensitivity
  • Light burst PET Detector Technology
  • Allows for low dose scans

Philips Mammo Diagnost AR

  • Full-field Digital Mammography
  • Screen-film Mammography System

Philips EPIC 7 G

  • X-Matrix Technology
  • I-Scan, Auto Scan, Smart Exam
  • Panoramic Imaging.

Interventional Cath Lab
Allura clarity FD20 from Philips

  • Volcano IVUS & FFR
  • Hemodynamic support services including ECMO
  • High speed rotational Atherectomy

Gamma Camera / SPECT
Discovery NM 630 of WIPRO GE

  • Excellent resolution with SPECT optimized collimators
  • Advanced elite NXT detectors
  • Excellent image quality with low dose and shorter acquisition time

Linear Accelerator
Versa-HD from Elekta

  • Versa - HD Linear Accelerator with most advanced features
  • Flattering, filters, free beam for fast delivery with short time

HDR Brachytherapy from Elekta

  • Organ preservation
  • Reduce exposure to normal tissue