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Critical Care
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critical-care-icon Critical Care

Critical Care is a specialty that specifically deals with the human responses to life threatening problems. The critical care physician (Intensivist) is someone who has necessary training and expertise in the evaluation and management of the critically ill patients.

Our priority is to save as many lives as possible within realistic expectations. To meet the highest standards, we try to provide total care to the patients by involving doctors from different specialties as may deem necessary for different patients.

The Intensive Care Unit is a state-of-the-art unit with 100 Critical Care beds segregated into different ICU to provide a more focussed care as per established protocols. Our ICU’s are managed with the belief that, well planned Critical Care services and implementation does influence overall outcomes and quality parameters like mortality, ICU length of stay, infection rates etc.

We have Isolation cubicles with positive/negative pressure air flows and 1:1 Nursing Care around the clock. We have assembled the latest equipments for patient management including high-end Monitoring (Philips), Advanced Philips V 680 and Trilogy 200 Ventilators for Non-Invasive/Invasive Artificial Respiration, Philips Defibrillators, fully equipped Dialysis Unit for Renal Support in ICU, highly trained Cardiology Unit for any need for IABP, LVAD etc. We have a point of care Ultra-Sonography for USG Guided Central/ Arterial line insertion, Hemodynamic Monitoring and to help in all aspects of patient management. We also have fluid and patient warming systems to optimise and closely monitor the temperature management of all our ICU patients. The trained Critical Care team makes every effort to optimise the nutrition status of the patient in consultation with the in-house dietician.

Our goal is to practice evidence based medicine and incorporate the latest guidelines in patient care management to achieve best possible patient outcomes.