How are Kidney Disease & Heart Disease-Related?

kidney-transplant-Venkateshwar HospitalHuman beings have many organ systems with each of them interacting with one other and complementing the functions as well, it is the knowledge from early years of science classes (when the subjects of biology, chemistry, and physics were still combined into a single big textbook). This co-ordination, unfortunately, translates to diseases as well. Here, we will see how kidney disease and heart disease are related to each other. To keep the expert opinion at hand, we had professionals from the hospital of best kidney transplant in Delhi and a cardiovascular surgeon on the forefront to guide us.

See it this way, the kidney performs the detoxification of the blood and the heart pumps the blood throughout the body. Now, any type of quality decrease in the composition and/ or flow of the blood can make the patient vulnerable to both heart disease and kidney disease. It has been proved that patients who are suffering from kidney disease are risked more to heart disease than the normal healthy person. If you will ask any health expert such as a kidney transplant surgeon, they will tell you the same thing, to keep yourself healthy and staying away from both kidney disease and heart disease, they are linked and you will not want to suffer from any one of them. And if you do acquire a kidney disease, you will become comparatively vulnerable to heart disease at the same time.

When we talked to the expert from the renowned kidney transplant hospital in Delhi, two major links between the kidney disease and heart disease came to our notice, which being, diabetes, and hypertension (high blood pressure). If a diabetic person is suffering from kidney disease, there are more chances of them to acquire heart disease and same is the case with high blood pressure.

In the condition of diabetes, the glucose levels in the blood upsurge. Diabetic patients can develop many additional health problems. The sugar increase in the blood can pressurize the kidney and eventually leads to its weakening. The heart of a diabetic patient also has to work harder to pump the blood, the deterioration of the heart’s functioning can make the patient susceptible to stroke as well, its life-threatening impact is difficult to be dealt with.

Another condition through which kidney disease and heart disease are linked is high blood pressure. High blood pressure is worse than diabetes because unlike diabetes, high blood pressure can both be a cause and symptom of kidney disease which makes it a terrible circle of kidney’s degeneration with respect to its health and functioning. High blood pressure is a disaster for heart, it can cause severe health conditions. Many patients of kidney disease approach kidney specialist hospital in Delhi or whatever place they find trustworthy and often after the diagnostic assessment, they find out the additional heart disease they have acquired at the same time.

These terrible link between kidney disease and heart disease brings focus on how deeply it can impact the health of the population. The simplest way out is to take preventive measures beforehand and avoid these conditions at all possible costs. Healthy changes to the diet and inclusion of exercise in the daily routine can ascend the healthy aspect of the patient.

If on the other end, any kidney disease or heart disease is acquired, many treatments are available to deal with these conditions. Medications can be provided to lower the increase in blood pressure. Various diagnostic tests can help in evaluating the impact and extent of the disease. In severe cases when the kidney fails, the solution is to consult a surgeon known for a kidney transplant in Delhi or in any other medically progressed country.


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