What is cyber-knife, How efficient is it in gastroenterology surgeries?

How efficient is in gastroenterology surgeries - Venkateshwar Hospital

Gastroenterology is that branch of medicine that is dedicated to the treatment of disorders that are related to the digestive system. All the disorders and diseases that are related to the organs starting from the mouth to the anus, along with the alimentary canal, affecting the gastrointestinal tract are included in this branch. These disorders can be easily treated by surgical methods which are commonly referred to as gastroenterology surgeries. You can find a large number of hospitals offering the facility of surgical gastroenterology in Delhi.  In fact, you can find the best hospital for surgical gastroenterology.

Cyber-knife is one of the best surgical treatments that are available for the removal of cancerous and non-cancerous tumours as it can be performed on various body parts. It is one of the most effective and efficient treatments and in this method, the tumours are destroyed by aiming beams of high- dose radiation on it. Although the name may suggest otherwise, the treatment is a non-invasive alternative to the surgery and is not only the world’s first but also the only robotic radiosurgery system that is non-invasive. It is the best alternative to the surgery as it is pain-free and can be easily performed on patients who do not want to opt for surgical treatment.

Surgical Gastroenterology hospitals in India are the best as the doctors here are highly efficient and provide effective treatments and sessions according to the specific needs of the patients and therefore it is a better idea to get the treatment done in India as you get the best doctors at a highly economical rate and avail all those services without causing a dent in your pockets. The best hospitals in Delhi.

This treatment is proof that technological advancements are highly affecting the medical field in a positive manner. In the treatment, a robotic arm is used to engage the radiation rays with any part of the body and a lightweight linear accelerator which is commonly called LINAC is used to provide a view from different angles. This provides very high accuracy and precision which is unrivalled as it can also treat tumours that are moving and no other radio-surgery can do this with so much accuracy making it the best treatment option. It is only because of the LINAC that the treatment is unparalleled as it provides the best angle to cure the tumours which makes it highly flexible.

Other than this, the cyber-knife uses a 6D image guidance system that helps to track any movement and is highly helpful during the treatment as the treatment is usually very complicated. This leads to minimised chances of error on the part of the doctor and increases the chances of the success rate of the treatment. Other than the convenience of the treatment and such high accuracy, the treatment is highly recommended because of how safe and convenient it is. Usually, the radiation therapy requires a dozen sessions but in the case of cyber-knife treatment, the tumour can be removed by performing the treatment one to five times and one session is around an hour long.

This type of treatment is new and has been made possible only with the technological advancement in the field of medicine which might leave some doubts in the minds of the patients, but the fact remains that no other treatment is as accurate or as successful as the cyber-knife treatment.

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