Myths related to IVF treatment

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IVF (in vitro fertilization) is a non-invasive  procedure used to help couples who are not able to conceive a child on their own. Infertility is a problem that affect a lot of people nowadays, owing majorly to unhealthy and stagnant lifestyle. It refers to the inability to conceive a child within a year of unprotected sex.  The problem is not new, but rather has prevailed since a very long time. However, earlier it was nearly impossible to help such couples due to the lack of knowledge and technology. India is a developing country and this development is taking place in every sector which includes health sector as well. In vitro fertilisation is the result of this development and has gained a lot of popularity over the years. You can find one of the best IVF treatment hospitals in Delhi. The hospital is a hub for some of the best doctors and surgeons and is listed amongst the top IVF treatment hospitals.

IVF treatment specialist aim at providing the best possible treatment to their patients and provide all the necessary information to the patients beforehand so that they are mentally prepared for the outcome. Infertility can affect both males and females and affect their ability to produce offsprings. IVF treatment hospitals in Dwarka offer world class treatment at a very low price and this the the reason why a lot of foreign patients also prefer to get their treatment done from here.

As per the reports given by the  best hospital in Delhi, majority of people still have a lot of misconceptions regarding infertility and the treatments associated with it which has led to a lot of myths and taboos. All these myths and taboos are the outcome of lack of proper knowledge and the patriarchal mind set that dominates our country. Some of the common myths related to IVF treatment are mentioned below:

Many people belive that infertility is a female problem, i.e it only affects females and this is the reason why in most of the households it is usually the woman who is blamed if a couple is not able to conceive. The fact is that infertility can affect both males and female and of all the couples undergoing IVF treatment, one third struggle with female Infertility and one third struggle with male infertility. The remaining one third face both male and female Infertility issues.

People believe that IVF can only be used in case of infertility but it is not so. IVF treatment can also prove to be helpful for homosexual couples who are otherwise capable of producing children.

Many people think that if a man is able to ejaculated properly, these nothing to worry about. It should however be kept in mind that it is not only the quantity of sperms but also the qualwof sperms that matter and unhealthy sperms are a major cause of infertility.

A lot of people believe that consuming cough syrup can help to improve their fertility, however it is not so. Cough expectorans are believe to act as mucus thinners in woman whose mucus is thicker than normal. However, their is no proof to support this.

Infertility does not necessarily mean that you can’t get pregnant without proper medical intervention, in fact there have been case where some couples have been able to conceive a child after trying continuously.

Some people think that children conceived with the help of IVF treatment are not as healthy as normally conceived children. However when the children conceived through both the procedures were compared, there was hardly any difference found.

Many people think that infertility is an age-related problem, however, it is not so. Infertility can affect younger couples as well and maybe result of many factors that include abnormal hormonal changes, injury to the genitals, genital problems etc.

It is very important to educate yourself about the problem and refrain from paying heed to such myths.

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