Venkateshwar Hospital – Now Avail OPD Services on Sundays Too

Venkateshwar Hospital is one of those Indian hospitals that are always willing to provide top-class healthcare service to the patients. This is the reason from April 2017 the OPD or Out-Patient Department of the hospital had been open on Sundays as well.

The hospital is famous for offering the service of dedicated and experienced medical professionals as well as applying the state of the art technology in the process of diagnosis, examination and health care.

This came as a really brilliant news for those hundreds of patients and their family members who come to the hospital for treatment and health checkup. There are lots of people who get time on Sundays only to visit the doctors in the OPDs of big hospitals. They remain very busy or stay outstation for the entire week. Thus, they cannot come to the OPDs on any other days.

Sunday is a holiday in this country, and most of the offices and organizations remain closed on that day of every week. This is the reason we decided to keep our outpatient department open on Sundays so that those who cannot come to visit the doctors during the outdoor sessions on the other days of the week can easily meet them for medical consultation on Sundays and get proper treatment.

The Main Aim

The main aim of this decision is simple. We do not want to miss a single chance to serve the sick people who need medical care and health advice. Taking care of the health of the patients is their priority. Everything comes after this. This is the reason we choose to keep our OPD section open on Sundays from 10 am to 1 pm. The timing is also very suitable for the common people. They can easily come to visit the medical consultants in the hospital within this time. The other procedures will remain the same as per the OPD norms applied on the rest of the days of a week.

Best Team Of Doctors

Venkateshwar Hospital is well-known for providing the best health care because of their most qualified, experienced and dedicated teams of doctors. The doctors have obtained their medical degrees from top-class national and international medical colleges. They are highly qualified in various subjects of health care and ready to provide the best advice as per the needs of the patients.

Other Vital Services

Apart from the consultation, you can also have some other services during the OPD hours. You can have pathology and clinical investigation service in this best hospital in delhi. The radiology and imaging services will remain open on Sundays as well. That means on Sundays you can not only consult with the physicians but also get some of the vital medical services that can help the doctors to diagnose your disease and start the treatment as soon as possible. You can get complete health care support on Sundays in the Hospital.

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