How does chemo & radiation therapy help in the case of Breast Cancer?

Chemo & Radiation therapy help in the case of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a chronic medical condition marked by the abnormal growth of malignant cells in the mammary glands which slowly destroys all the healthy tissue. It is one of the most common types of cancer detected in women. Although the problem can even affect males, the possibility is quite rare. If left untreated the cells can speed to other organs by a process known as metastasis and pose a serious threat to the patient’s life. Treatment for breast cancer include procedures like mastectomy, Chemotherapy and radiation therapy. You can easily avail for these at the best oncology hospital in Delhi. The type of treatment and the protocol to be followed is decided, depending upon the adversity of the patient’s condition and the extent to which cancer has spread.

Surgery aims at the permanent removal of a tumour and damaged tissue whereas chemotherapy and radiation therapy target the cells directly and kill them. They also help to reduce the size of a tumour making it easier to perform the surgery or in some cases even delaying the need of the surgery. Both the procedures are recommended by the cancer specialist. Hailing from the best hospital in Dwarka, he is one of the most trusted names in the field of oncology.

A lot of patients opt for chemotherapy cancer treatment in Delhi as Delhi is a hub for some of the best cancer specialists in India. Chemotherapy involves the use of certain chemicals to stop the growth of cancer cells as well as kill the already existing cells. Chemotherapy cancer treatment¬†has paved way for new possibilities by making it easier to treat cancer patients. Radiation therapy does the same but instead of exposing the whole body of the patient to the chemicals, the therapy is used to target only the affected area. Radiation therapy can be performed in two different ways, either by placing the radioactive material inside the patient’s body or by directing the radiations from outside. Radiation Oncology in Delhi has helped to transform numerous lives and given a new ray of hope to many patients by offering non-invasive treatment options to patients.

Before the surgery

Surgical treatment for breast cancer can be very complicated and requires a high level of expertise. We know that chemotherapy and Radiation therapy help to target the cancer cells and reduce the size of a tumour. If the therapy is given before the surgery, it can help to reduce the size of a tumour making it easier to perform the surgery and ensuring minimal complications.

After the surgery

It is not possible to remove all the all the malignant cells simply with surgery and some of these can be left behind. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy helps to destroy such cells thereby greatly reducing or even completely eliminating the possibility of cancer coming back. The therapy is to be continued until the doctor feels that there’s no need for it. Recent studies have shown that Chemotherapy cancer treatment and radiation therapy reduces the risk of cancer coming back in the breast area (locoregional recurrence) in the 5 years following the surgery. Out of 105 women who have undergone the therapies, only 5 women had the problem come back in the breast area during the initial 5 years after treatment.

The therapies are extremely good for destroying cancer cells that have advanced locally to the areas surrounding the breast. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are planning to get the therapies done, it is better to consult a specialist and discuss all the pros and cons of the surgery with him/her.

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