What is the success rate of chemotherapy?

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Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that require immediate prognosis. A lot of researches have been going on in the field of oncology to find better ways to tackle the problem, however, this does not mean that the existing methods and techniques have not been successful. Doctors majorly resort to two main treatment options i.e surgery or therapies. Therapies are of two types namely chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Radiation therapy is given by using high energy radiation beams whereas chemotherapy involves the use of certain chemicals that help to destroy the cancerous cells. Chemotherapy is a widely used and recognised treatment option and has been highly successful in treating patients suffering from cancer. You can find a number of the hospital offering chemotherapy cancer treatment in Delhi. Developments in the field of chemo and radiation oncology in Delhi have given a new ray of hope to many patients.

A lot of patients opt for oncology treatment in Delhi making it one of the most trustworthy places for cancer treatment. Cancer is caused by excessive accumulation of cancerous cells that lead to the formation of a malignant tumour which has a tendency of destroying all the healthy tissue of the affected organ. Cancer has a tendency of spreading from its primary source of origin to other body parts through the various blood channels. This process is known as metastasis and cancer that occurs at the secondary spot is known as metastatic cancer. Chemotherapy can prove to be helpful for treating both primary cancers as well as metastatic cancer. If the cancer is detected in the earlier stages it becomes easier to treat it but as time passes by, it gives rise to more and more complication, making it much more difficult to save the life of the patient. In some cases, the patient might even have to lose an organ or limb. The success rate of chemotherapy depends upon various factors which include the adversity of the patient’s condition, stage in which of the cancer was detected and the treatment was started, the age of the patient and the efficiency of the doctor performing the procedure.

A lot of patients undergoing chemotherapy worry about the survival rate of the patient after the procedure. Survival rate refers to the percentage of people who have successfully survived a particular type of cancer. This includes people of all age groups that have the same cancer as you do. If the stage of one’s cancer is known it can help to give more precise figures. However, these figures are not the same for every person and may vary. It has been found that the survival rate of patients after undergoing chemotherapy has increased considerably and this makes chemotherapy one of the best options for cancer treatment. However, before opting for the treatment it is important to consult a specialist to determine the stage of your cancer and figure out a proper medical protocol to be undertaken.

As per the best cancer specialist in Dwarka, chemotherapy can be used both before and after the surgical removal of a tumour. Before the surgery it is used for reducing the size of a tumour such that there are minimal complications and higher success rates. Also, the surgery alone cannot always help to remove all the cancerous cells and needs to be followed up by some sessions of chemotherapy to destroy all the cancerous cells that were left intact during the surgery. If you are planning to undergo chemotherapy, you can find some of the best oncology hospitals. The service is also available at the best hospital in Dwarka.

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