Why women are prone to joint issues?

Why women are prone to joint issues - Venketeshwar Hospitals

One of the most common types of joint problems that affect people nowadays is arthritis. It is a medical condition which leads to the deterioration of the joints leading to inflammation, pain, swelling and redness. The problem usually starts showing its traces when a person causes 40 years of age and can lead to a large number of problems and prevent a person from carrying out a normal and healthy lifestyle. Arthritis is one of the major problems that has become a reason of concern for people nowadays. The problem has become very widespread and affects both men and women alike. However, it has been seen that women are more likely to suffer from arthritis as compared to men and recent studies have shown that the majority of patients opting for joint replacement surgery in Delhi are females.

You can find one of the best orthopaedics hospitals. The hospital offers treatment for all kinds of problems related to the musculoskeletal system and is a hub for some of the best doctors in Delhi. The hospital has its own lab where all the tests are performed by highly trained specialists. It is due to this very reason that a lot of patients are opting for joint replacement surgery in Dwarka.

There are two possible reasons due to which arthritis is more common in females as compared to males. These are biomechanics and hormones.

Biomechanics- One of the major reasons that might be responsible for the higher vulnerability of women to develop arthritis is the difference in their body structure. Women usually tend to have wider hips due to which they have a different alignment of knees. As a result of this, their entire body weight is concentrated on their knees. This naturally increases the chances of arthritis in women. Women also tend to have a lesser bone density as compared to men.

Hormones- arthritis has been usually seeming to affect women after they hit menopause. This happens due to the decreased amount of oestrogen levels in the female body owing to which their bones are left without protection. This increases the chances of osteoarthritis.

Hence women should take proper care of their bone health as they can easily get affected by various bone and joint problems. Obesity is also a major reason that can lead to joint problems as the excessive body weight exerts a lot of pressure on a person’s bones and joints leading to their deterioration. Women usually tend to remain busy with a household chorus and hardly get any time for themselves. It is very important to have a proper and balanced meal and take your daily calcium by consuming calcium-rich foods like milk. It is very important to maintain your weight especially after pregnancy as many women tend to experience excessive weight gain after pregnancy.

Joint problems can be very painful and prevent you from doing your daily household chores and you might even become dependent upon others for small day-to-day activities. However, there is no need to worry as you get easily get yourself treated at the best orthopaedic hospitals in India. The doctors might recommend oral or topical medication in case of mild problems. Surgery is usually recommended to patients with chronic bone and joint problems like arthritis and osteoarthritis. It usually involves the surgical removal of the affected joint and replacing it with an artificially created graft made up of plastic, ceramics or metal. Physiotherapy is also highly recommended and is done both before and after the surgery to restore the normal functioning of the affected joint and ensure faster healing.

In case you are experiencing any other symptoms associated with various bone and joint problems, immediately consult an Venkateshwar Hospitals orthopaedic doctor for proper screening and treatment.

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