What is a Heart Crisis?

Cardiovascular disease or coronary artery disease is the definition given for narrowing or occlusion of the arteries carrying blood to our heart due to various reasons. As a result of blockage and/or narrowing of the heart vessels, blood flow to our heart is seriously affected.

Affecting the blood flow in our heart vessels often feels like a suppressive pain on the chest. Although this chest pain differs more or less, it has a suppressive style on the left chest and may spread towards the left arm, fingers, and back. It can often be mistaken for stomach or abdominal pain.

It may be at rest, over time, when there is effort, running, fast walking, climbing stairs, eating after eating, and excitement-stress or chest pain when exposed to cold. Sometimes, there may be chest pain that spreads to our back and left arm and is sudden and suppressive.

It can often be mistaken for indigestion or stomach complaints. Among the other symptoms seen in cardiovascular diseases, shortness of breath, palpitations, sweating, dizziness, and weakness can be counted. Especially in long-term and uncontrolled diabetes, a heart attack can be experienced without feeling pain.

Chest pain can be a harbinger of an existing heart attack (damage to the heart muscle). Therefore, it is a health problem that needs to be investigated urgently by the best cardiac hospitals in India.

The Difference Between Heart Pain And Heart Crisis

If the bloodstream, which is rich in oxygen and vital nutrients, cannot reach a sufficient amount of heart muscle tissue, we may feel “angina” or chest pain. If this decreased blood flow is below enough for the heart muscle to survive, the heart muscle death or damage that we call a heart attack occurs.

In such a case, it is necessary to reach the hospital emergency room quickly without wasting time. Heart muscle damage is understood by reporting our complaints when we go to the emergency room and by analyzing the ECG and blood samples to be performed after the first examination.

Then, coronary angiography may be required to visualize the heart vessels. Your relevant cardiovascular surgeon of the best cardiac hospital in Delhi will help you in such a situation. If there is an unproven suspicious situation, then it will be decided whether to make heart angioma by performing some tests showing the blood supply of the heart muscle.

Symptoms Of The Heart Crisis In Women?

In general terms, the risk of heart attack is increasing over the age of 45 in men and over 50-55 in women. The protective effect of estrogen hormone is one of the reasons for the emergence of risk in older women. This risk may arise especially in women after menopause.

However, in recent years, with the increasing use of cigarettes and tobacco products, the risk shifts back to earlier ages. On the other hand, the emergence of cardiovascular diseases at a very young age became apparent especially with the rapid increase of diabetes and obesity rates in our country.

In addition to patients diagnosed with diabetes, diabetes profile is impaired and many patients with glucose intolerance are still undiagnosed.

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