Facts You Should Know About Your Heart Health

The protection of heart health is of great importance for a quality and long life. New studies about the heart are carried out every day, many health institutions, many experts warn for heart health. However, the information that spreads from ear to ear can play with heart health.



Unhealthy and inflamed teeth negatively affect all organs in the human body, but it is not entirely correct to say “Tooth decay triggers a heart attack” in people who have no problems in their heart.

However, dental root infections are very important in heart valve diseases. When germs enter a healthy body, the immune system can destroy this microbe, but in those with heart valve disease, the germ that enters the body settles in the heart valve.

Heart valve infection, the medical name of which is “infective endocarditis” occurs, which is a serious problem. This infection is very resistant to antibiotics. Therefore, patients with heart valve problems are prescribed an antibiotic to use two hours before the treatment if a bleeding tooth treatment will be performed.


Heart check should start first when the baby is in the womb. With the fetal echo examination, any heart disease can be detected while the baby is in the womb. Diagnosis is made between the ventricles, heart valve stenosis, wide holes between the auricles, and displacement of the main vessels coming out of the heart, many heart disorders and heart diseases.

In addition, an echo must be drawn until the child is five years old. Also, in the first 20 years of life, blood fats and cholesterol values ​​of children and young people should be examined several times. The cause of death events observed in children and adolescents and interpreted as heart attacks are rhythm disorder and cardiac arrest due to congenital heart anomalies.

Rhythm disturbances can be due to congenital heart diseases, heart enlargement, valvular diseases as well as genetic transition problems.


There is no need to go to sports halls or use walking bands for walking. Especially in people over the age of 40, walking bands can cause orthopedic trauma. However, walking on the street is useful not only for the heart but also for mental health. It is not beneficial to take 10 thousand steps to beat the body to protect heart health.

According to the best cardiac hospitals in Delhi, it is enough to throw over five thousand steps daily, which is 3.5 km, 45 minutes walk. The walking speed should be neither too much nor too slow. It is a useful walk to measure your heart rate when you start walking if there is a 20 pulse rate at the end of the walk. In addition, the upper limit of the pulse should not exceed 120-125 in sports performed for heart health in gyms.


As per the best cardiac hospitals in India, eggs are perhaps the only food that comes from nature in its package and it is a food that cannot be added to it. It contains 12 vitamins and 11 minerals. Even if our body is fully fed with vegetables and greens, it produces 5-.5.5 grams of cholesterol per day, while 200 mg of cholesterol from an egg is of no importance. Everyone should eat one egg a day, with or without heart disease.

However, as with every food, excess eggs are also inconvenient. For example, when more than two eggs are eaten per day, an increase in blood fat occurs, which negatively affects heart health. Children and the elderly should consume one egg a day, and adults should consume an egg every other day.


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