Sports Injuries Cricketers can Have

 sport injury - orthopedics -Sports injuries are very common in cricket as it requires extensive use of body and induces pressure on various body parts which can lead to gradual wear and tear. Sports injuries are injuries which occur during sports, games or any other athletic activity. It is caused by overuse, direct impact or application of force which is greater than what a body can take.  treatment in Delhi is offered at various hospitals where the staff works to provide aid to athletes or sports persons having any sort of injury ranging from mild to chronic.

Some of the sports injuries which are specific to cricket are as follows:

Whether a person is a batter or a bowler he/she is at high risk of sports injury. Every cricketer has to keep in mind certain guidelines and be careful while playing the game so that their injuries do not sustain for a longer period to make them sit on the sidelines. Let’s take a look at those injuries.

  1. Ankle Sprain: Ankle goes through a lot of stress during the game as during the game the lower body endures various changes such as changing direction, sprinting or fast jumps. In spraining of an ankle there is damage caused to the ligaments around it. This mainly happens when an ankle twists to an awkward position while rotating. An ankle brace is a good option to prevent or at least lower the injury for a while, meanwhile if it still persists then it is better to take professional help for the same.
  2. Rotator cuff injuries: This is a common situation in case of batters as well as the bowlers and especially while fielding. In a rotators cuff injury, there is damage to the rotator muscles around the shoulder. These muscles function to stabilize the shoulder joint hence any damage to these leads to adverse effects in the form of consistent shooting pain. Sports injury treatment specialists in Delhi say that the effects of the injury can be reduced through exercises and proper therapy.
  3. Contusions: Contusions usually happen with direct contact to the muscles. In the case of cricketers, the injury might be sustained after getting hit by a ball. There can be swelling or bruising near or around the affected area. Contusions need some days to heal however, soft tissue contusions can take a few days or even weeks. Bone contusions can take a couple of months but mainly depending upon the severity. Doctors hailing from the best sports injury treatment hospitals in Delhi recommend RICE protocol, which requires proper rest, application of ice on the affected area, compression of the area with bandage and elevation to reduce swelling, to treat contusions.
  4. Lower back pain:
    General to severe lower back injuries is common during the game. Lower back injuries are due to pain at the sacroiliac joints. These can be treated with proper therapies and exercises.
  5. Thrower’s elbow:
    It is also known as golfer’s elbow which is associated with pain in the inner side of the elbow due to gradual overuse of the tendon muscles located at the wrists. Ice might help during the match while best sports injury treatment in Delhi suggests heat can be used in case of chronic pain.

The 2019 world cup will be the 12th world cup tournament which is going to be held in Wales. All the best cricket team around the globe participate in the event. With the number of cricket matches, there is a specialized team of medical experts to take care of the health and physical fitness of each player because they need to give their best at such a platform. There are chances of many sports injuries during such events but the extensive care and precaution taken by the professionals as well as the players personally leads to the successful completion of the tournament and most of them bring laurels to their countries.

All of this is done through improving strength and flexibility, warming up properly, and playing by utilization of good techniques. Improving all these things reduces the risk of many injuries.

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