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In the case of wear-and-tear of the hip joints, the best solution is the pain relief of the joint replacement with an endo-prosthesis (artificial joint). Depending on the age and quality of the bone bearing, cement-free or cementable implants are used. It is important to allow the early loading of the operated leg.

Best orthopedic doctor in Delhi has years of experience in the diagnosis and surgical and non-surgical treatments of the musculoskeletal system, the bones, the joints, the ligaments, the tendons, the muscles and the nerves.

Why is joint Replacement Necessary?

  • In the case of cartilage ablation of the knee joints, an arthroscopy with smoothing and refreshing of the joint surfaces can also bring success in the initial stages, if necessary, the injection of hyaluronic acid is given. With increasing surface wear, the replacement is also a satisfactory solution.
  • An insulated wear of the inner joint gap can be supplied with a so-called carriage prosthesis. Since the tape apparatus and the outer joint half remain intact, recovery after this minimally invasive procedure is significantly faster.
  • For all other wear forms of the knee joint, a crowning of the surface rollers and a replacement of the shinbone surface are necessary. Adapted to the original band tension, it is possible to achieve excellent stability and load-bearing capacity.
  • Due to loosening or break-out of the prostheses, prosthesis replacement operations on the hip and knee are regularly required.
  • Through the anesthesiologic and intensive medical treatment and monitoring facilities, best orthopedic hospitalscan provide patients with significant accompanying risks, For example, to the heart or lungs, to the endo-prosthetic joint replacement or an exchange surgery. Even complicated situations with larger bone defects are partially solved in the clinic, thanks to an approved bone bank, with individual implants.
  • Shoulder Joint replacement is less frequent as compared to hip and knee operations. In the case of accidental or wear-related destruction of the joint, however, the artificial joint is an excellent way to reducing the pain and at least partially restoring the function. So-called inverse prostheses are used, as well as – with good muscle cuff – partial prostheses.

Goals of Joint Replacement Surgery

  • The use of artificial joints on knees and hips should be promoted as it is now one of the most frequent and successful operations.
  • Meeting the patient’s requirements for a new joint function with good long-term results.

How to achieve them?

  • With innovative and efficient care solutions, facing the high patient expectations of today and tomorrow as well as the growing economic challenges in the hospital sector.
  • Endo-prosthetics, providing care quality and patient satisfaction in harmony.
  • Implant and instrument solutions should support the work steps along the patient’s treatment path with supplementary product and service offerings to increase their safety and treatment efficiency in the hospital day.

Best Orthopedic Services

Venkateshwar Hospital has a group of subspecialists in traumatology and orthopedics dedicated to the treatment, care, and investigation of all areas concerning the skeletal muscle system (bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.). We have subspecialists graduated from the best hospitals in the country who remain continually updated and have the latest innovations to provide you with the best treatment.

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