Can I get a Kidney Transplant More than Once?

kidney tranplant-VenkateshwarSince kidney transplantation is quite a difficult procedure not only in terms of complexity of the main treatment but also the preventive measures which have to be taken into consideration so that the patient treatment proves to be successful and minimum complications are possible for development after and during the treatment. In addition to these complexities, the very search for a matched kidney is another facet which makes the entire process of kidney transplantation an overall difficult procedure to perform.

Acknowledging all these factors which are associated with the entire process of kidney transplantation, it becomes an obvious question to ask is it possible to have another as in second kidney transplantation? Even though a layman could think on the negative side, any experienced kidney transplant surgeon would reply it with the positive answer.

Yes, it is possible to undergo second and even third and the list follows with possibilities of a successful kidney transplant until five. The evidence can be collected from such cases performed in one of the renowned kidney specialist hospitals in Delhi and also in Mumbai. The basic dilemma that one can have regarding another kidney transplant after the first one is about the success rate for such kidney transplants, it has been confirmed that second kidney transplant has the similar success rate as the first one and the success rate drop by and eventually end after the fifth kidney transplant.

As per an expert who is cute working with on the best kidney transplant hospital in Delhi, the doubts about the successful nature of a second kidney transplant arise because of the failure of the first kidney transplant which makes the second one a necessity. On the ground, doctors consider the problems which led to the failure of first kidney transplant so that the second kidney transplant could be safe and long-term reliability. In cases when the formation of blood clots flaws the first kidney transplant, the doctors work on it beforehand the second kidney transplant. There can be many other underlying reasons. For instance, in a case which was being treated in this one of the best kidney transplants in Delhi, the patient developed a kidney disease which led to its malfunctioning and ultimately, the transplanted kidney collapsed. So, before the second kidney transplant, doctors pushed the health of the patient in a positive position to not led the development of that kidney disease again.

The various institutions for a kidney transplant in Delhi and in many other medically progressive cities of the country are working on regulating the time required for finding a suitable second kidney for transplantation because this step is quite long when compared to the already lengthy finding of the matching kidney. This majorly happens because post the failure of the first transplanted kidney, the tissues of the first transplanted kidney are accepted by the body and it is often not possible to get the kidney of the same tissue origin. Another factor increasing the requirements of a better-matched kidney is considered from the response of the immune system after the failure of the first transplanted kidney. Doctors do not want the risk of rejection of the second kidney to be transplanted by the body’s immune system.

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