What are the complications one can face after Bone Marrow transplant?

Bone Marrow Transplant- Venkateshwar HospitalBone marrow transplant is a complex procedure performed for treating severe diseases such as various types of cancer. This can often lead to various complications and side-effects after the procedure has ended (and in some cases, during the procedure itself). The potential complications associated with bone marrow transplant have been listed below:

  • Diarrhea

An experienced bone marrow transplant specialist in Delhi states that the condition of diarrhea after bone marrow transplant is not good for the patient because the loss of fluids can lead to dehydration.

  • Damage to organs

The type of treatment used to kill cancer cells can also inflict damage to the organs of the body. It is important to carry the rehabilitation program with utmost compliance for a healthy recovery and long-term safety.

  • Fluid overload

Excess of fluid in the body can harm the organs and cause breathing problems. Doctors administer medications for effective solutions.

  • Graft-versus-host Disease (GVHD)

The abnormal reaction of the patient’s immune system to the received bone marrow from a recipient can cause graft-versus-host disease. Doctors take preventive measures to keep the condition in check. Also, post-operative supervision is also necessary.

  • Infections

People often think that a certain type of bone marrow transplant will reduce the chances of complications but issues such as infections are more related to the exposure to certain elements. One of my friends had to undergo Autologous bone marrow transplant in Delhi, in the aftermath of the procedure, she developed a viral infection. It was found out that she was not regular with her antibiotics as prescribed by her doctor.

  • Issues with respiratory system

The patient may experience difficulty in breathing after the bone marrow transplant, the underlying reasons can be inflammation of the airways and GVHD. If the condition worsens, intensive care is provided to the patient.

  • Low Platelet Counts

The low count of platelets after bone marrow transplant is due to the malfunctioning of the bone marrow, states a bone marrow transplant doctor in Delhi. Medically, thrombocytopenia is the term for low platelet count which is responsible for bleeding in various parts of the body. Excessive bleeding can become another severe complication to deal with.

  • Low RBC Counts

The non-functioning of bone marrow can also trigger a decrease in the count of Red Blood Cells which can cause anemia once the count hits low, also resulting in low hemoglobin. Anemia in itself is responsible for many issues that need to be specifically dealt with.

  • Pain

After a bone marrow transplant, pain can affect the patient. Doctors provide painkillers for immediate relief. Pain can be caused by many reasons such as skin irritation and mucositis.

  • Problems with graft

The improper response of donated bone marrow can trigger graft failure. As a result, proper measures have to be taken to keep the patient in good health, another graft infusion can follow.

  • Relapse

A major problem with cancer is that even after the treatment has been done, the chances of developing cancer are still possible. Often, doctors involve additional procedures to combat the potential recurrence of the disease.

  • Veno-occlusive Disease (VOD)

If the flow of the blood is either partially or completely blocked on its pathway to the liver, the condition develops into the venous-occlusive disease which can cause further complications related to the liver such as liver dysfunction.

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