What is epilepsy, Is there any treatment?

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Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that affects people of all age groups. The problem is commonly referred to as seizures. Although seizures caused by alcohol withdrawal or extremely low blood sugar are normal, however, epilepsy is a very chronic condition and may be hereditary or a result of severe brain injury. The type of seizures may vary from person to person, in fact, the same person can experience more that one kind of seizures. The treatment for epilepsy is offered at all the leading neurosurgery hospitals in Delhi.

Neurology treatment specialist is trusted by numerous patients as they resort to highly specialised techniques and procedures and have successfully treated a lot of patients. You can find one of the best neurology hospitals in Dwarka where the safety and comfort of the patient are given utmost importance.

In most of the cases, oral medication can help to control seizures in the patient suffering from epilepsy however the treatment does not work for everyone as they have certain side effects. Doctors usually recommend brain surgery for such patients. The operation can definitely help control seizures and done by specialised doctors who are experts in this field. The surgery usually aims at the removal of the portion of the brain that is responsible for the seizures or to block the nerve pathways through which the seizure impulses travel. Sometimes the doctor may also implant a special device inside the patient’s brain that helps to reduce seizures.

The area of the brain where the seizure initiate is known as seizure focus. It is very important that the doctor detects and removes this area with very high precision and it needs also to be ensured that the area to be removed does not control any critical functions of the body as the removal of that part can drastically impact the person’s ability to perform those functions. Surgery is usually undertaken for patients who are not reacting to medication. It is also the best option for patients who are getting affected by the side effects of the medication. The patient undergoing the surgery should not be suffering from any other chronic medical ailment like cancer as it might lead to increased complications. The way in which the surgery is to be performed is decided, depending upon the type of seizures and the adversity of the patient’s condition. The various types of surgeries offered at the leading Neurosurgery hospital in Dwarka which is also enlisted amongst the best hospitals in India are mentioned below.:

Lobe resection. The cerebrum of the brain is divided into 4 lobes namely frontal, parietal, occipital and temporal. Each lobe performs specific functions and controls different activities of the body. The temporal lobe is one of the most common focal points for seizures in patients suffering from epilepsy. This problem is very common in teens and adults and is treated by the removal of the affected tissue surrounding the temporal lobe.

Lesionectomy- The surgery mainly aims at the removal of brain lesions which are responsible for seizures. Lesions are usually a result of severe brain injury or ailments.

Other surgical procedures include corpus callosotomy also known as split-brain surgery, functional hemispherectomy which is mostly performed for children under 13 years of age, multiple subpial transections (MST), Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) and responsive neurostimulation device (RNS).

Epilepsy is it neurological disorder which can be controlled by timely treatment. It is very important to consult a specialist before taking any decision as the life of the patient depends upon this. Neurology treatment specialists in Delhi make it a point to inform their patients and their family members about the various treatment procedures and proceed only when the patient is comfortable and sure about the treatment.

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