Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine- Perfect Solution for Chronic Pulmonary Disorders

pulmonology- Venkateshwar HospitalPulmonology treats diseases of the lungs, bronchi, and pleura. The main pathologies are respiratory insufficiency, asthma, emphysema, infectious diseases (lung abscess, bronchopneumonia, pleurisy, pneumonia, tuberculosis) or tumor (lung cancer, pleural cancer, etc.).

Spirometry, lung function tests, spirogram, or respiratory function tests are a group of tests to measure the effectiveness of the lungs to take and release air and its efficiency to mobilize gases, such as oxygen, from the atmosphere to the circulation of the body.

The entire process is performed in the dependencies of the Sleep Unit and radiology laboratories of best Pulmonology Hospitals. These units have been accredited as a Multidisciplinary Unit by Reputed Pulmonology centers.

Who should undergo pulmonology Treatment?

The evaluation is indicated in people who have:

  • A chronic cough and dyspnea
  • Breathing sounds
  • Pain in ribcage
  • Insufficient or inadequate sleep.
  • Persistent snoring and breathing pause during sleep.
  • Tiredness or daytime drowsiness.
  • Feeling discomfort in the legs that is relieved by moving them.
  • Restless sleep with excessive movements.
  • Strange behaviors while asleep (talking, screaming, walking).

What should be done By a Pulmonologist?

The consultation in best Pulmonology Hospital begins with a complete questionnaire accompanied by an examination of the various documents provided by the patient.

  • For a severe smoker, the first examination is a chest x-ray and, if necessary, a fibroscopy.
  • For a person afflicted with dyspnea, the Pulmonary specialist evaluates the expiratory flow with a peak flow meter.
  • A practical respiratory examination (EFR) is performed by breathing differently inside a hermetically sealed enclosure.

In case of respiratory insufficiency, the analysis is more complicated and longer.

  • In a spirometry test, the patient has to breathe into a nozzle that is connected to an instrument called a spirometer, which records the amount and frequency of inspired and exhaled air over a period.
  • Pulmonary volume measurement can be performed in two ways:
  • The most precise way is to sit in a transparent, sealed box that looks like a telephone booth (body plethysmograph) while breathing in and out into a mouthpiece. Pressure changes inside the box help to determine lung volume.
  • Pulmonary volume can also be measured when you breathe the helium gas or nitrogen through a tube for a specified period. The gas concentration in a chamber attached to the tube is measured to calculate lung volume.
  • To measure diffusion capacity, you breathe in a harmless gas for a short time, often just a breath; then the gas concentration in the exhaled air is measured.
  • The difference in the amount of inhaled and exhaled gas tests how well this gas travels from the lungs to the blood.


A specialist in Pulmonology will assist you in:

  • The initial consultation
  • Prescription Drugs and Tests
  • Diagnosing certain types of lung disease (especially asthma, bronchitis and emphysema)
  • Finding the cause of a breathing difficulty
  • Assess whether exposure to pollutants at work affects lung function
  • Evaluate the effect of a drug
  • Measure progress in the treatment of a disease
  • Schedule the polysomnogram with the most appropriate protocol for the diagnosis of suspicion, and conduct the results consultation
  • Issue a report with the diagnosis and treatment plan.

How to Achieve these Goals:

To serve high-quality services to the patients,  need special care units and advanced equipment for effective treatment. Below are some important points that hospitals should take into consideration:

  • Hiring top class doctors for pulmonary diseases
  • Use of advanced techniques to diagnose the severe infections

Venkateshwar Hospital is one such place which claims of providing high-quality Pulmonary services to its customers at affordable prices.

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