Receive Advanced Cardiothoracic And Vascular Surgery – Get Rid Of Heart & Vascular Issues

It is true that a little negligence regarding heart issues can lead to some severe effect on your health. It can even be fatal and this is the reason the doctors always want to educate the patients about keeping their heart in good condition. However, heart issues can happen to a person even having an otherwise healthy and well-maintained life.

Every year a lot of people in India need to go through cardiothoracic and vascular surgery in super facility cardiology hospitals to overcome their critical heart conditions. If you are also looking for the best cardiac hospitals in India then you should look for these features.

Advanced Cardiothoracic And Vascular Surgery

  • Critical Care Unit or Intensive Care Unit where the patients can be admitted just after they have the heart attack or heart failure
  • Advanced infrastructure and devices to have heart failure surgeries
  • Trained and experienced Cardiovascular Surgeons and Cardiac Anesthesiologists
  • Beds designed and developed to offer proper care and attention to the patients before and after the surgeries
  • Regular and constant monitoring of the patients to offer immediate medical care
  • Hygienic ambiance so that the patient would not get any kind of infection during or after the surgeries

What Types Of Surgeries

In the best cardiac hospitals, you can get various types of cardiovascular surgeries that are suggested and implemented worldwide to treat various critical health conditions. These surgeries include;

  • Ventricular Remodeling & Heart Transplant
  • Mini invasive cardiac surgeries
  • High and aortic surgeries including aortic root replacement
  • Complex vascular surgeries
  • Valve Replacement Surgery

Modern Technologies

These advanced hospitals always use the best and latest technologies to offer the right treatment for your heart so that it can stay fit for a longer period and function properly. Advanced machines like Cardio Pulmonary Bypass Machine, extra corporeal membrane oxygenator, Cell saver machine, Endovascular laser are used in the cardiology department of these hospitals so that flawless vascular and veins surgeries can be performed. These modern technologies make the job of the cardiovascular surgeons easier than before. They can perform their jobs with more confidence and offer you more effective results within the shortest possible time.

Team Of Experts

Apart from the modern equipment and machines these hospitals also have the best team of cardiovascular professionals who can perform these critical operations seamlessly.

  • Cardiovascular surgeons
  • Vascular surgeons
  • Thoracic surgeons
  • Perfusion technologists
  • OT Technologists
  • Cardiac anesthesiologists
  • ICU Intensivist
  • ICU Cardiac nurses
  • Cardiac OT nurses

Whenever a cardiothoracic or vascular surgery is performed in any cardiac hospital in Delhi then all these medical experts put their effort and utilize their expertise to make the entire surgery easy, simple and successful.

In Venkateshwar Hospital you can find such kind of high-end care for cardiac surgeries and vascular surgeries. Patients can have all the modern facilities that they can expect from a top-class cardiac hospital in India. You can get the details of their services related to cardio vascular surgeries on their website.

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