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Foetal Medicine
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Fetal medicine is a branch of medicine that includes the assessment of fetal growth and wellbeing, the maintenance of fetal health and the diagnosis of fetal illnesses and abnormalities.As prenatal diagnosis has improved, so has our capability to diagnose problems before birth. Therefore, the fetus is increasingly becoming an independent individual, and fetal medicine is the specialty that addresses this “Unborn Patient".

Fetal medicine is a relatively new specialty that often requires the expertise and input from various Specialists, including Obstetricians, Perinatologists (also called maternal - fetal medicine specialists), Neonatologists, Paediatric Cardiologists, Pediatric Surgical Specialists, Geneticists and others. Fetal medicine can be arbitrarily divided into two branches: Prenatal Diagnosis and Fetal Treatment. Prenatal diagnosis is the ever-improving ability to detect abnormal conditions of the fetus (and to differentiate them from normal fetal development). The most common (and often first) test used for prenatal diagnosis is ultrasound.

A vast range of conditions treated are:

  • Intrauterine transfusion
  • Fetoscopic laser photocoagulation for TTTS
  • Radio frequency ablation for monochorionic pregnancies
  • Fetal shunt placement
  • Amniotic band resection
  • Ex-utero intrapartum treatment (EXIT)
  • Selective Embryo Reduction