Why Has Cancer Become so Common?

The increasing cases of cancer are becoming more common news among the people. It is reported that every one out of two people is affected by cancer and each one of us has a lifetime risk of developing cancer. As per the panel of experienced surgeons including the cancer specialist doctor in Delhi,  it is important to take measures to avoid the progression of cancer in recent times. A contrast aspect is studied in the cases which are being treated and the results have been successful but unfortunately, the balance cannot be built effectively because the number of patients being effectively treated is overwhelmed by the number of cases being treated. The Department has been working alongside many functionaries to reach a plan of treatment where cancer can become less of the life-threatening risk. Some of the best oncology hospitals in Delhi known for their oncology treatment in Delhi are coming up with forums to spread awareness in this regard.

Cancer is becoming a more and more common disease while on the contrast, their treatments are being incredibly worked upon and the number of patients being successfully treated are also on a rise. But it remains an important question that even after such world-class scientifically advanced medical treatments available within our reach, why are the cases of cancer are still on an increase? In this article, we have limited ourselves to the obvious reasons which are often eclipsed. Let’s dig into some factors which are responsible for causing various types of cancer:


Older people:

Old age actually risks one with the profession of cancers because development in the cellular structure has more time to progress than in other situations. This may seem like a weird aspect but actually, it is true. There is a reason why cancer is known as a lifetime risk and this risk increases with the progression of age.

Young adults:

Obviously, age is a crucial factor when it comes to the determinants of how often cancer will affect individuals but an astonishing fact these days is how frequently younger adults are being diagnosed with different types of cancer. As per a study published in an article by the online portal Healthline, it was stated through a reliable study that ‘6 out of 12 types of cancer thought to result from being significantly overweight are becoming notably more common among those under the age of 50’.


Some reports on the topic of cancer remain strictly with the statement that obesity has a direct connection to the progression of different types of cancer. But in recent times, various studies have been carried out which prove that no proper connection can be drawn between obesity and different types of cancer. Obviously, the chances of any health condition are on a rise in those patients who are obese, especially their cardiovascular system is at a vulnerable position. Experts have been unanimously focused on the fact that every individual should pay heed to their body mass index and follow certain lifestyle changes if they are on the brink of becoming obese. So, on the safer side, it is recommended to stay healthy to avoid any risk or factor which can make you risky enough for developing any type of cancer.

Environment factors

Certain elements and substances have been linked with the propensity of developing cancer. A common example is an unprecedented exposure to sunlight. Yes, we often ignore this aspect but it has been confirmed that exposure to the sun has been linked with melanoma skin cancer. Even though not all sunlight is harmful and some exposure to the sun is actually important for a healthy body but it is recommended that whenever you are going outside, use medicated sun protection cream, cover your skin as much as possible, and avoid risking yourself to extreme sun exposure during the peak hours of sunlight.

Dietary changes

Cancers linked with the digestive system and excretory system are usually associated with the type of food and dietary intake in toto. It has been reported that people who eat diets enriched with red and processed meats, they are at a considerably higher risk of developing bowel cancer. Another important factor, especially for lung cancer, is alcohol consumption. In addition to alcohol consumption, smoking is also responsible for lung cancers.


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