This Women’s Day Think of Yourself – Venkateshwar Hospital Brings Great Service for You

This Women’s Day Think of Yourself - Venkateshwar Hospital

Women are the most beautiful creation of this universe, not because they are physically attractive; but because they possess an emotionally strong heart and a beautiful mind. Their souls are as pure as the sunlight and as robust as the fair. This year to make women’s day more special for these special souls Venkateshwar Hospital arranged a medical program that included some interactive sessions with some of the top doctors regarding women health and some discounts on various medical treatments to make them more beautiful and gorgeous.

Enjoy A Nice Change

Women, irrespective of their age and social standard deserve to look beautiful and attractive. Yes, we are talking about physical beauty here. This is the reason we at Venkateshwar Hospital offered some discounts on cosmetic and plastic surgery as well as permanent laser hair reduction for women. Being counted as one of the leading and Best Dermatology hospitals in India we also try to make the world better for everyone with best doctors in Dwarka. The offer was valid from 8th March to 18th March.

Lead A Healthy And Fearless Life

Cancer is one of the most common diseases among women all over the world. Breast cancer is taking many lives. Indian women are not exceptional in this case. They are also leading a life where they are prone to cancer and need medical treatment without any delay. However, we know that “prevention is always better than cure”. According to the modern medical history, cancer can be healed, and the victim can get a long and healthy life if the disease is detected early and the right treatment can be started from the very beginning. This is the reason right check-up, and deduction of the ailment is necessary. We offer one of the best oncology treatments in Delhi with our best cancer specialists and that is why Venkateshwar Hospital offers 50% discount on Mammography and Pap Smear on this Women’s Day. This discount can be availed from 8th March to 18th March too.

Best Doctors Will Be There

Apart from these discounts in treatments and examinations, we also arranged interactive sessions for the women where two renowned doctors offered solutions and deliberations on several problems regarding women health like, dermatology and birthing services. Dr. Shilpa Ghosh, leading the Birthing Services, and Dr. Rachna Jagia is a senior consultant of dermatology and aesthetics. Both attended this session on 8th March 2017.

What Is The Motto

The main aim of arranging these sessions is to spread awareness about these subjects. Modern women lead a stressful life where she has to maintain her duties inside and outside the house. That makes their life more hectic, and they need more care from us. This is the reason we arrange these interactive sessions so that they can know how to take care of themselves during giving birth of a child which is one of the most crucial times of their life. On the other hand, they wish to take care of their beauty, and that is the reason we would like to help them by our interactive session regarding dermatology and aesthetics by the best dermatologist in Delhi.

Go For A Change

Celebrating Women’s Day cannot be successful until we try to bring some positive changes in the everyday life of women. We try to help you to be bold enough to bring that change in your as well as your closed one’s life.

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