What Happens Before Radiation Therapy Begins?

radiology venkateshwarCareful planning is essential before initiating your radiation therapy to attain the most out of it. Cancer specialist doctor in Delhi recommends that any patient undergoing should know what to expect in radiation therapy to avoid feeling like a baked potato. Here we have listed down the procedure before radiation therapy begins. Due to the rise in cancerous diseases, there are many cancer treatment centers that provide Oncology Treatment in Delhi and around the country.

Step 1: Consultation

Firstly doctors consult with the respective patient and then they take you to visit radiation oncology. It is primarily a consultation with the radiation oncologist and an assigned team including a resident physician and an allotted nurse. Immediately you won’t receive a radiation treatment at this visit as in first visit doctors will just physically examine you to know all your medical history. According to Radiation Oncology in Delhi, the first visit will include:

  • Thorough Physical examination
  • Investigate about patient’s medical history, MRI, CT or other imaging, and medication history
  • Discussion of available treatment options.

After this visit, when your doctor has completely understood your case then you may be scheduled to begin with the radiation process or you may be asked to come for another follow-up session depending upon the severity of cancer.

Step 2: Simulation

Once your doctor confirms about beginning with radiation therapy, there are various steps in between for the preparations of your start date. For the majority of treatments, a simulation (SIM) appointment will be scheduled. This visit is quite essential to map out the exact area or part to be treated and therefore a CT scan will be conducted to figure out the anatomy and the preciseness. In some cases, if required immobilization gadgets may be used such as face mask or leg mold will be framed. Certain dots of permanent ink may be applied on your face to ensure the accurate area is treated every time you visit for SIM.  It may take about an hour and in certain conditions, patients will receive IV contrast.

Step 3: Treatment planning

Well now after completing the simulation procedure, your radiation oncologist will prepare a unique layout of the treatment you’ll be undergoing. It will pertain details regarding the kind of radiation machine to be used, the amount of radiation required, and the number of sittings to be given and a lot more. It is done only after a thorough diagnosis and may even take a few weeks to confirm the treatment to be initiated.

Step 4: Radiation Treatment

The number of sittings for treatment prescribed will alter depending on the grade of cancer and its location. Every time you undergo a radiation treatment your experience will vary. There are many best oncology hospitals in Delhi, providing different radiation therapy options. The radiation oncologist will advise you the most feasible plan for you. A fully fledged course of therapy may take quite a long time. In some cases; it may take weeks, while other treatments may require one day or just a few days. Only a licensed radiation therapist will administer your treatment.

Although it has been observed that a few patients may experience side effects from their treatment and therefore you should immediately concern your doctor.

Follow-up Appointments

After completion of treatment, you will need to follow-up with your radiation oncologist for further instructions.

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