How much does it cost for scar removal in India?

Cost for scar removal in India -Venkateshwar Hospital

The perception of beauty varies from person to person but there’s one thing that remains constant and that is the desire to have flawless skin. The skin is the part of the body that is in direct contact with all the environmental impurities that can often lead to acne and pimples which ultimately result in scars. Scars are the unwanted marks that are present on the surface of our skin. These may be a result of various factors which include accidents, surgery, stretch marks, tattoos, burns etc. The leading cosmetic and plastic surgery hospital in Dwarka offers a variety of treatment options for scar removal. In fact, you can find the best doctors in Delhi and surgeons for cosmetic and plastic surgery, who resort to the use of techniques based on latest technology advancements and in providing the best treatment to their patients.

The type of treatment to be undertaken depends upon the severity of the scar and its cause. The doctors may also conduct some best to ensure that you are eligible for the procedure. Scar removal treatments can be quite expensive however the best cosmetic and plastic surgery hospital in Delhi aims at offering these at much lower rates.

Silicon-based treatment – the procedure is very effective in treating superficial scars, hypertrophic scars and keloids. The silicon helps to keep stratum corneum hydrated and enhances the production of fibroblast. This helps to lighten the scar by allowing the skin to breathe. It also prevents bacterial infections and also balances fibrogenesis and fibrinolysis. It also helps to reduce the discomfort caused by the scar. The treatment costs about 1.5k to 3.5k.

Steroid injections – injecting corticosteroids in the scar can help to soften the scar and minimize its size by breaking the bond between the collagen fibres. The treatment is usually recommended for hypertrophic scars and keloid. The injection costs about 8k to 8.5k.

Laser treatment – laser treatment is the best and the most popular technique used for scar reduction and removal. The treatment directly targets the affected area and its intensity can also be adjusted depending upon the severity of the scars. Laser treatment is best suited for removing scars caused by acne and pimples, sores and also helps to treat dark skin patches. Laser treatment can also help to reduce scars caused by chicken pox or other similar diseases. The cost expenditure starts from 6k and may vary from person to person depending upon the type of scar and its adversity.

Punch excision – the technique is used to target scars caused by acne and pimples. It is a minimally invasive technique and costs about 17.5k to 50k per scar. The treatment helps to give long-lasting results with minimal side effects.

If you want to opt for any of these treatments, you should immediately consult the cosmetic and plastic surgeons in Venkateshwar Hospital Delhi. Before opting for any treatment, it is important to make sure that you are eligible for it or else it can lead to serious complications. Sometimes the treatments are not able to completely remove the scar but these surely help to lighten the scar.

In case of acne and pimples, avoid touching these. Scars can lower your self-confidence and self-esteem, hence it is better you get yourself treated and get a beautiful and flawless skin that you always dreamed of having. Avoid using any cosmetic product right after the treatment and consult your doctor before doing so.

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