How durable are joint replacements?

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Joint replacement surgery is considered as an effective medical treatment to replace the damaged joint with prosthetics of the same mechanical nature. The best doctors in Delhi who have years of dynamic experience in the realm of orthopaedics, they claim that the choice for joint replacement surgery is not suitable for all patients. In fact, a very detailed diagnostic assessment is necessary to evaluate the patient on grounds of whether he or she is eligible for this surgery or not.

An expert from a renowned joint replacement surgery in Dwarka advices that before making up your mind to undergo a joint replacement surgery, it is not only your concern but also it should be a necessity to sit down with your concerned orthopaedic surgeon and clarify your doubts before you are engaged in this medical course through surgical intervention. It is common among patients to have doubts about whether to go for joint replacement surgery or not. Questions like what would be the mode of recovery? How much time will it take for me to recover for my normal lifestyle? What is the life expectancy of joint replacements which are substituted? What will be the activities of rehabilitation programme? Will I have to introduce some permanent changes in my life? If yes, what all would they be? Is there a requirement for double surgery? and likewise, queries can develop. The only solution is to talk to experienced doctors who work in the esteemed joint replacement surgery hospital in Delhi.

Once you have talked to the experts in the field, you should trust there advice and further go with whatever course of joint replacement surgery that they have prescribed you with. A crucial fact that every individual who is about to undergo a surgery needs to understand is, ‘it is very important to set realistic goals and not an ideal pictures of how your life would be post joint replacement surgery’, in words of a highly qualified professional from a well-established orthopaedics hospital.

Particularly, the life expectancy of replacements which are used for substituting the damaged joints is not fixed, instead, they can wear and tear off with time. Basically, the elements which compose these prosthetics which are used for joint replacement, they are not exactly biological like the natural joints. These prosthetics are mechanical in nature, but they are composed of materials like plastic or/ and metal. Thereby, their degradation cannot be stopped, you can’t consider your replaced joint to stay for the entire course of life. In its maximum capacity, a high-quality and well-engineered prosthetic can barely exceed twenty plus years.

An expert in  joint replacement surgery in India adds, ‘not every case of joint replacement has the same life expectancy.’ Again, do not set the highest expectancy rate for your joint replacement because they’re several actors which have to be taken into consideration before making a decision. The quality of joint prosthetics makes a considerable mark on how long will it survive in proper service. Secondly, the lifestyle of the patient in the first place plays a huge role. If someone is not very active in terms of exercising or any such activities which push the replace area for pressure, for instance, sports, it can comprehend that such individuals can experience a long life expectancy of replaced joint than the individuals who are active.

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