Do Insurance Companies Cover IVF in India?

Ivf InsuranceFor many couples and also individuals, parenthood is a very beautiful part of life. They make plans to enrich this phase of life. Unfortunately, complications with fertility can impede this step. But on the other hand, the progression of IVF treatment as assisted reproductive technology (ART) has opened windows for them to welcome parenthood. The growth of various centers for IVF treatment in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and even the smaller cities and towns are paving way for this experience among the people.

In this positive scenario, a major flaw to notice is the expenditure related to the very process of IVF treatment. Not only the process of IVF is expensive but also the diagnostic assessments, medications, and hospital expenses, they all add exponentially to the actual cost. So, therefore, the role of insurance companies becomes an important facet for discussion.

I talked to an IVF treatment specialist in Dwarka on what is the insurance coverage by various companies on the overall IVF treatment. Basically, for a medium success rate of IVF treatment, the total expenditure can reach up to 2 lacs and the cost of best quality IVF treatment terms of high success rate is often exceedable up to 2.5 lacs. One has to acknowledge that the IVF treatment is considerably expensive because there are various procedures and strategies which are associated with the overall process, as we discussed before including diagnostic assessments such as blood test, genetic testing and other expenses which can not be neglected or avoided.

If we will see on a general basis, then the majority of the insurance companies can be categorized as the ones which do not provide the cover over the expenses of the IVF treatment. And if some of them do, then, they probably do not consider the additional costs incorporated with the IVF treatment. There are some health insurance policies which account for the entire expenses of the IVF treatment but their numbers are so less that they can be counted on the fingertips.

One of them is One Health which offers four plans, namely, support, support plus, shield, and premium. Actually, a woman from my neighborhood was operated in of the best IVF treatment hospitals in Delhi when she was under the Magma HDI Insurance by One Health. She opted for a co-pay option and had no issues during the payment as well. Another health insurance policy which covers the IVF treatment is by the Craft Hospital and Research Centre’s IVF Suraksha. It’s high success rate plans can be comparatively expensive than other insurance schemes but undoubtedly, their services to the patient are a class apart.

So, why is it that even though the general companies do not cover the insurance for IVF treatment, why the medical tourism in India for IVF treatment is on a peak? Especially, why patients come from foreign countries to undergo IVF treatment in Delhi, Mumbai and other medical progressive parts of the country. The reason is the comparative expense. From the prism of medical tourism, the total expenses incurred on the process of the IVF treatment are still cost-friendly than the expenses at other world-class medical institutions abroad.


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