Dental Bridge or Implant. What is the Best Option?

When you are missing one or several teeth, it is normal that you put the question of what is the best solution to replace a tooth is: What should I wear: an implant or a dental bridge? What is the best option for dental bridges or implants?

When you lose a tooth, there are both aesthetic and functional factors that are lost. And therefore, it is important to replace lost teeth as soon as possible to avoid changes in the mouth and chewing problems.

The bridge is a fixed dental prosthesis that is cemented to neighboring teeth allowing you to regain aesthetics and chewing. Furthermore, the implant is an artificial titanium root that is placed in the bone.

Both the dental bridge and dental implant in Dwarka will allow you to replace the lost tooth, restoring aesthetics and chewing, and both treatments have advantages and disadvantages.

Implants are a more conservative treatment than bridges. For this reason, most dentists in Delhi NCR advise implant placement instead of a dental bridge.

Dental implant cost in India is currently very similar to dental bridge method. However, the duration of the implant is longer and also has the advantage of maintaining your bone and not having to file the adjacent teeth.

What to wear: an implant or a dental bridge?

Premature loss of one or more teeth is a common problem, more so in adults, especially after 45 years. Only 5% of people over 65 retain all teeth.

There are different ways to replace a lost tooth, but among all those available to do it permanently, dental bridges and implants stand out. In both solutions, fixed teeth are placed and both allow to predictably recover aesthetics and chewing.

What exactly is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a composition of crowns joined together, in this way resembling the morphology of your teeth. The crowns are joined and cemented in the teeth adjacent to the hole to be rehabilitated.

A dental bridge consists of two main parts, these are:

  1. The pillars: They are the healthy teeth that will be treated or carved in order to support the bridge itself. The abutments support the prosthesis and also the chewing loads.
  2. The pontics: These are the “empty” spaces, where the tooth is missing.

Advantages of dental bridges:

  • It is a fixed dental prosthesis. You don’t have to take it off.
  • It is a quick dental treatment.
  • It is easy and quick to adapt.

Bridges are a good solution to the loss of a piece or several dental pieces, however one must bear in mind that:

  • To perform a dental bridge, it will be necessary to wear down the teeth adjacent to the area to be rehabilitated, and this will weaken these teeth.
  • The teeth must withstand the chewing forces exerted. The carving of a dental piece is an irreversible treatment and, in many cases, it will also involve the endodontics of these teeth.

Why Dental implants in Delhi are better?

Approximately 98% of oral rehabilitation treatments through implant placement are successful in best dental hospital in Delhi.

The dental implant is the only treatment that allows preserving the alveolar bone, which is very important in the face of correct oral rehabilitation.

When placing a dental implant, it is guaranteed that healthy teeth do not touch at all, since the dental implant is placed on the bone and does not need to rest on your natural teeth.

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