Cardiac Surgery- Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

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The acronym CABG stands for coronary artery bypass grafting. It is a procedure used by the best doctors to improve the blood flow in the heart. All the best cardiac surgeons in Delhi suggest CABG to patients diagnosed with severe coronary heart diseases also known as coronary artery diseases.

This minimally invasive intervention conducted by making a three-inch long incision between the ribs rather than the old procedure of eight-inch incision around the breast bone thus enabling the cardiac surgeons to enter through the ribs to the left side of the chest rather than cutting and removing of the bone. Adding to its contributions the latest updated technologies have made it possible to do this bypass procedure while the heart is beating rather than using a heart-lung machine. As the old open bypass surgeries required a healthy blood vessel to be taken from another part of the body and grafting it to the heart by removal of narrowed down or blocked coronary artery and rerouting blood around it.  You can easily opt for cardiac vascular surgery in Dwarka.

The method of invasive cardiology is basically a procedure of diagnosis or therapeutic treatments of the various coronary artery diseases done via a puncture in the heart by the insertion of any foreign instrument. This is a very suitable procedure to perform coronary artery bypass graft. Many Invasive Cardiology hospital in Delhi are currently working on with their research and are keen on updating their pool of knowledge about the procedure to give their patients utmost satisfaction and comfort post-treatment. Invasive Cardiology treatment has definitely paved way for new possibilities.

When it comes to listing down the advantages of this surgical procedure the list continues for a while. Some of the major advantages involving CABG are as follows:

  • With this easy and compact treatment the hospitals stay is reduced considerably as compared to other surgeries performed.
  • The time required for resuming active daily routine is lesser in CABG due to fewer complications involved in the surgical procedure.
  • The incision is much smaller and this leads to lesser chances of infection.
  • The scar post surgery is very small and easy to get rid of with proper care.,
  • If you get your surgery done from a well-reputed hospital, the procedure is conducted with such precision and care that there are no faults on the side of cardiologists and medical professionals.
  • The patient is treated with utmost importance and they are also made to go through the least amount of stress pre and post surgery. This also leads to minimal chances of issues like anxiety or depression which are usual in cases of major surgeries.
  • Since this procedure requires the least amount of inputs and alterations to be made in the body, the physical limitations involved with it are almost nil.
  • In the previous surgical procedures, an incision was made in chest leading to exposure of areas of lungs and there were dangers of cuts or infections which is not seen in CABG.
  • There is a very little risk of development of any cognitive problem after the surgery.

According to the best doctors in Delhi, not everyone is fit for this procedure, for instance, this surgery is not performed in an emergency as it is time taking. It is common for people who have one to three vessels affected.  Like any surgical procedure, coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) also has its own risks involved with it. With the developing technologies and researches, medical professionals and scientists are dedicated to formulating ways to get rid of those inhibitions and devise a way which is even more concrete and less time investing.

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