Is there any Age Limit for Breast Reconstruction?

Dermatologist- plastic surgeryWe at Venkateshwar have best plastic surgeons in Delhi who are well equipped with knowledge about breast reconstruction surgery. Breast reconstruction is the rebuilding of breasts, mostly in women. During this particular surgery plastic surgeon creates a breast out of artificial material or a flap of tissue on another place in the body or both the procedures are followed. Breast reconstruction is usually performed in case of cancer or probability of developing cancer over time.  In such a case doctors suggest the reconstruction or rebuilding of breasts.  In most of cases, breast reconstruction takes place during or soon after a mastectomy. It can also be performed after several months or years of mastectomy. It is to be noted that though breast construction surgery will be performed by best cosmetic surgeons in Delhi, it cannot restore the exact breast sensitivity, with time partial or some sensation might be restored but not complete.

The type of breast implant surgery in Delhi performed is dependent upon a discussion between the surgeons and patient. The patient is asked to think of the situation precisely and ask oneself a few questions regarding their needs. Some of the questions they can ask themselves as suggested by breast implant hospitals in Delhi are:

  1. How important is breast reconstruction t them?
  2. Will it be convenient to live with a breast from which can be removed and put on?
  3. Breast reconstruction will be helpful in feeling whole again?
  4. Will having another surgery after mastectomy not an issue for you?


A longitudinal study from Canadia University of British Columbia on 75 women aged 60-77 who underwent breast reconstruction study was done.  It was found that 70 percent of the women had good and satisfactory results from the surgery and approximately 90 percent of them will choose this surgery again. Hence, it was concluded that any type of construction surgery can be performed on women aged 60 and above.

In this study conducted by Brown, most of the women had breast reconstruction through implants or use of tissue flab from own body part. The surgeries were performed along with mastectomy. Post-surgery patients were followed for four years.

Though most of the women were very happy after the surgery, the recovery time was long i.e. about 12 weeks and with this few women found this recovery time to be longer than this along with extreme pain.  There were few issues such as wound healing issues seen in some of the cases. So approximately 30 percent of the women had major to minor complications after breast reconstruction surgery. Around 20 percent of the women had major complications such as a hernia or abdominal bulges which required follow-up surgery. In spite of all these complications, mostly women were very happy to restore their wholeness after the reconstruction surgery.  It was found that complications were found more in women who had poor health. The study also threw light on the importance of sound mental health for the satisfactory results of the surgery, along with this it was also found that an aspect of the subject’s dissatisfaction was affected after breast reconstruction surgery.

Researchers by best implant surgery hospital in Delhi have solely said that age should not be considered as the only deciding factor for breast reconstruction surgery. So, whether reconstruction is done for the best interest of the patient it should always depend on other contributing factors like case history, allergies, health status both physical and mental and so on.  At venkateshwar our team is assigned with all the needed details and latest updated knowledge about pros and cons of a breast reconstruction surgery, the careful measures, procedures, technologies required and expert experience because in the end our patients and their satisfaction is our first priority in any case. Breast reconstruction surgery in Delhi performed by our team of specialist doctors, surgeons, nurses, and counselors keeps in mind to have all the necessary ideas about the case they are handling, the needs and expertise as per the individual difference e in each situation and for each woman. There should proper discussion with the woman and her family before the surgery.

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